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As a second generation shop owner, I have learned that customer satisfaction is paramount. It is our customers that keep us going and we want to keep our customers happy. I have witnessed in other shops that communication has caused hard feelings and mistrust between customers and shop owners. When you call us, the technician who is working on your vehicle will speak with you and inform you of what is going on and will explain in layman's terms what is being done to your car...
BIO: I have always had an interest in car technology, and a voracious appetite for knowledge and of new car systems. Like all high tech fields, survival is achieved by chasing the technology. I have always kept up with current trends in the automotive industry. Attending training seminars and constantly reading and researching automotive repair trends keeps me up to date with my field. I am very particular about quality, consider myself a perfectionist and have always had a natural aptitude for automotive repairs.

Fuel injection and electrical diagnostics are my forte. I love the challenges this area of repair presents. More-often-than-not other shops give up on or choose to ignore this complicated area of expertise.

I started working with my father, (a mechanical engineer) at a very young age. At the age of 10 yrs, I was repairing lawnmowers, motorcycles by age 12 yrs, and cars by age 14. I started working with him at Phil's Foreign Auto at age 18. In 1992 was recruited to run an import repair shop in Yakima WA, after 4 years I went to Hawaii to work for a top level import repair shop as the lead technician.

My father's failing health forced my return to Maine. After his death I took my rightful place here at Phil's Foreign Auto, the business he had built and loved. I have continued the traditions that my father built his business on, and have enhanced them with my own abilities.

Customer satisfaction is my goal; Knowledge and understanding of my customers needs are my tools.

Bruce Ordway.